2018 Tax Resource Aid

Discover various resources designed to help make  your tax season more comprehensible. 

Federal Tax Forms & Aid (IRS)

The official Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website where you can find tax bills, records, payment plan options, and more. Most importantly, you can find the directions and .pdf files of any tax form you need. You can print directly from this website, or ask library staff to assist you on your next visit. 

Illinois Tax Forms (Illinois Revenue Services)

The official tax resource for Illinois. Find Illinois tax forms for individuals, businesses, sales, and more.

Tax Software Guide

Compare review for tax software! As a part of Consumer Affairs, this resource will help you better navigate and understand tax season by providing  top-rated online tax services and reviews.

Income Tax Guide for 2018

Resource provided by The Simple Dollar. Learn the basics of income tax, various ways to file, how income tax is calculated, what to do if you file too late, and more. Below, you will find shortcuts that direct you to specific areas within this comprehensive guide.

Basics of Income Tax

Tax Forms You Should Know

Tax Deductions