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Click the links below to watch video tutorials that will visually teach you how to use various aspects of the computer.

Computer Basics

Internet Basics

Advanced Courses

  • 200 Tech Resources for Adults: A recourse brought to you by Frontier Communications. Offers over 200 technology courses that help you advance knowledge in multiple tech areas including I.T. Graphic Design, Computer Literacy, Coding, and Business on the Web. Courses range from hours to weeks. Many courses are free, some require a payment. Courses are available in English and Spanish.

Digital Literacy

Digital Learn

Explore various short online courses that will help you better understand how to use computers and digital equipment. Create a personal account to track your progress using a personal e-mail address.

GC Learn Free

Free online classes and tutorials surrounding a myriad amount of computer topics including computer basics, internet navigation, Microsoft Office, typing practice, and more that can help you drastically improve your computer skills.
Also includes tutorials for reading and grammar, mobile apps, work and career aid, everyday life, and more.

Internet Essentials

Learn the basics and essentials of internet navigations, social media, privacy, security and more.

Online Training Courses

Take your pick of one of hundreds of digital literacy tutorials.


Free resource for users to self learn technology! Learn technology with 80+ free courses and 1000+ videos and tutorials!

Microsoft Office Tutorials

For beginners

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