2019 is an election year for the Sandwich Library Board of Trustees. Get to know the contenders by reading a personalized letter written by each candidate below.

Disclaimer: The statements provided are for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement.


Robert Mitilieri

In 2015 I retired from a 40 year career in Information Technology. I held positions as an education officer for a multi-national communications firm, a project manager and data analyst for a major healthcare company, and a senior technical consultant for a government contractor working in Central and South America. Before embarking on my professional career I served three years as a signals intelligence analyst in the US Army.

I am a strong advocate for local libraries as they fill the need for learning opportunities for all members of the community. I believe that libraries should go beyond just providing access to books for their patrons. They should reach out to their entire community and stimulate curiosity, foster creativity, and encourage lifelong learning. I look forward to helping the Sandwich Public Library surpass their already high achievement of these goals.


Jennifer Pen


My name is Jen Penn. I’m running for the Sandwich Library Board simply out of a love for the library and for this community. After many years of “taking” from the library, I want to give back.

A former corporate trainer and technical writer, I left my career after the birth of our daughter who is now in middle school. We visit the library almost daily for school and for pleasure, and have developed wonderful connections with the library staff. It has been exciting to watch the culture of the library evolve into what it is today.

Although Sandwich now has a beautiful new facility, it seems our library is still strikingly underutilized despite its many services and programs. As a board member, I’d like to contribute to ways of fostering community involvement – to increase the use of the library and encourage residents to take advantage of what is available. By partnering with others, I envision shaping the library into a place where people want to be and are known; essentially, I have a desire to instill in others the same affinity for the library that our family has. I don’t know what will be necessary to achieve these ends, but I’m committed to developing and guiding the future direction of our library.

I’m not a life-long resident of Sandwich nor have I ever held public office. What I bring to the table is the perspective of a parent, patron, and educator. The fact that there is a race for the Library Board is evidence of the current, positive trajectory of our library. Whether I am elected or not, I will continue to take an active role in supporting and promoting the Sandwich Library.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nancy Sanders

My name is Nancy Sanders, and along with my husband and three daughters, we have resided in Sandwich for thirty-seven years.

I have been active in the Sandwich School system in support of the band, sports, and various other educational functions. I have been an educator for 37 years in Earlville where I have been involved in many educational functions.

My love of books and reading led me to become an active member of the Sandwich Public Library Board. For the past thirteen years I have had the pleasure to see the new building evolve from a dream to a beautiful new reality.

The shared challenges of the Board has offered me the opportunity to learn and grow as we expand our services and improve the vision and function of the Library.


Denise Ii

My name is Denise Ii, and I am secretary for the library board. I was appointed as a trustee in December, 2016 during a period of unrest due to challenges of a newly constructed building and the turnover of library directors. Being City Clerk since 2009, I bring to the board a network of local, county and State government. My life experiences have prepared me for today’s challenges having served on the Park District Board, the City’s Plan Commission, former business owner, and countless volunteer hours for the scouting and music programs. I am a lifelong resident of Sandwich, a former DeKalb County Election Judge, and a habitual student in search of attaining that elusive college degree.

Through strategic planning, my goal is to see the board continue to be progressive as it evolves to meet the future needs of our patrons. New and expanding programs should be innovative and engaging as they reach out to a diverse community. I also believe that interaction with the schools, residents, local government, and social organizations is vital for the success of the library. Because a majority of the library’s funding is derived from local real estate tax dollars, I feel it is imperative that the board remains fiscally responsible. Concluding, I would like to continue to share my expertise to achieve these goals and give back to the community I call home.


Denise Curran

Growing up in Sandwich, I spent so many hours at the library greeted by Miss Pauline and her collie. Checking out books opened up new worlds and ideas to me and fueled my love of learning. Today's library is much different than the little library I knew as a child. There is literally something for everyone at the Sandwich Public District Library from books to technology. Offered for every age beginning with babies are programs in a variety of topics and covering many interests. When I became a member of the Library Board, one of my goals was to investigate adult education programs. The library now offers GED preparation and high school diploma programs. I believe that by providing these programs and by looking for additional ways to bring education to our community, we improve the quality of life for our residents. This will continue to be a focus if I am elected as a Library Board trustee. I bring a background in education and a desire to help make the Sandwich Public District Library the heart of the Sandwich Community.


Ruth Fish

Hi, I am Ruth Fish and I am currently a member of the Sandwich Public Library Board. Having served on the Board for the past year and a half, I have come to understand the budgeting and operations of the library. I am pleased with the direction our library is currently going, as we expand our programming and needs of our community.

I have spent most of my adult life as a resident of Sandwich and raised two children. I know the importance of having a good public library. Our library is a very important part of our community for all ages.
Having worked for 40 years in the medical field as a Secretary/Administrative Assistant, many of the skills learned in my past can be applied to this position as Trustee.

I hope you will allow me to continue to serve the library and our community as a Trustee of the Sandwich Public Library Board.

Thank you,
Ruth Fish