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Summer Reading 2019: It's Showtime! 
June 1st - July 26th

 Time to start gearing up for this year's Summer Reading Program!
Explore the rules, prizes, staff recommendations, events and sponsors for this year.

Let the show begin! 

2019 AllAges poster 22x34 Eng 1



We are proud to offer Scholastic Teachables as a resource for Sandwich library card holders. The Scholastic Teachables database grants users access to thousands of printable unit and lesson plans, activity sheets, and customizable content in a variety of subject areas and grade levels. Starting from Pre-K and going through 8th grade, Teachables is great for teachers, parents, home school families, and young learners. 

To get started, simply click the image above or here and enter in your Sandwich library card number. 

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