abcmouse logoFrom Age of Learning, Inc., the award-winning curriculum is designed to help young children (ages 2-7+) build a strong foundation for future academic success. is 100% educational, with 5,000+ learning activities across all major subject areas-reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music. Best of all, kids love it!



tumblebooksAn online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. TumbleBooks are created by adding animation, sound, music and narration to existing picture books in order to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you.




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To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence





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These sites are great places to practice your educational skills and do it in a fun way. These games are all built to help you keep and perfect everything you’re learning in school! 



Math Playground


Mr. Nussbaum

Learning Games for Kids